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The Law Offices of John Della Rocca March 11, 2022

When facing criminal charges, the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your representation can make or break the outcome of your trial or sentence. Pennsylvania has the highest incarceration rate of any state in the Northeast, with over 96,000 people behind bars. Having sub-par legal representation can increase the probability that you will find yourself up behind bars, given the maximum possible fine or less than favorable probation conditions. You should always have legal representation when heading into the courtroom. Fortunately, not all criminal defense lawyers are made the same, and not all will represent you with the skill and experience that my firm, The Law Offices of John Della Rocca, can.

From my Philadelphia office, I provide effective and fierce representation to my clients. Clients in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Lehigh, and Berks counties, Pennsylvania, and communities throughout New Jersey depend on the insight and experience I offer at The Law Offices of John Della Rocca. I have the knowledge to stand up for your best interests. 

How Ineffective Representation Can Hurt You

Not surprisingly, taking on ineffective representation when facing a criminal charge is among the worst things you can do. A lawyer who does not possess the necessary skill could result in you receiving a far less favorable outcome. Though courts often follow specific sentencing guidelines, within these parameters, the judge can exercise a certain amount of discretion to increase or decrease your sentence based on multiple factors, and a good criminal defense attorney may be able to tip the scale in your favor.

An inexperienced or overwhelmed defense attorney may even neglect key evidence in your case, fail to bring forth potentially difference-making witnesses, fail to attempt to reduce your sentence, or worse — inadvertently bring about a wrongful conviction, sending you to jail for a crime you didn’t commit.

Private Attorneys vs. Public Defenders

No matter how well-intentioned or skilled a public defender is, they generally face a caseload that makes it nearly impossible to pay close attention to any individual client’s case. This is usually due to underfunding – there simply aren’t enough public defenders to match the needs of the criminal justice system.

Private attorneys, however, are selected and paid directly by their clients. Generally, a private attorney will seek to have your charges reduced or even thrown out before they’ve even been officially issued, whereas a public defender may wait until the charges have been issued to take action. Much more communication is often involved with a private attorney due to the public defender’s limited time, as well as the fact that private attorneys often have a wider range of resources available.

Qualities in an Effective Criminal Defense Attorney

There are many qualities that an effective criminal defense attorney will have, including:

  • Knowledge – An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help you avoid costly errors and provide more effective representation.

  • Objectivity – As your legal counsel, your attorney can give a unique perspective on your available options and help you make more informed decisions.

  • Integrity – Your attorney should prioritize protecting your rights and making decisions based on your best interests. Your lawyer should be honest with you about your case and the viability of a defense. 

  • Investigation Skills – Your attorney should carefully review each aspect of your case and conduct detailed research.

  • Communication – An attorney who communicates and listens well will be in a good position to determine the appropriate strategies for your case.

  • Relationship – A skilled criminal defense attorney will establish a strong relationship with you and consider you their partner when fighting your charges.

  • Aggressiveness – A defense attorney who knows when to be aggressive can give you a valuable advantage throughout your case.  

  • Networking – An experienced criminal defense attorney has connections with the local legal community and within the justice system.

Get the Experienced Legal Guidance You Need

If you’re fighting criminal charges — whether you’ve committed the crime or feel you’ve been wrongly accused — in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, contact me at my firm, The Law Offices of John Della Rocca. You need a criminal defense attorney you can trust with experience in helping other people fight charges similar to your own. I won’t rest until I’ve explored every piece of evidence for the best possible outcome of your case. I proudly serve clients in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester counties, Pennsylvania, and communities throughout New Jersey.