"I can’t recommend John Della Rocca highly enough. Some years back I was convicted of a felony intent to deliver narcotics charge. I have since completely changed my life for the better, and am a professional and family man. Still this conviction held me back in many aspects of my life. John was extremely empathic to my situation, and took the time to understand my story. He was an outstanding coach and walked me through each step as I petitioned the Governor for a pardon. In the end, John helped me achieve clemency and allowed me to begin my life anew. Thank you, John!"

- R.G.

Client obtained/recommended for Pardon (Assault & Theft Offenses)

"I don’t know what I would have done without John. John was like a shepherd looking after his sheep. He was there for me from start to finish. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance because I know they would be satisfied."

- D.T.

Client obtained Pardon (13 Burglary cases)

"John guided me through every step of the process in detail and gave me peace of mind. He provided many helpful tips and feedback on how I could present my best self to the Board of Pardons, and t was a success! My case was handled with expertise and professionalism at all times, and I’m grateful! John Della Rocca is the right man for the job; the right choice for your legal needs."

- T.C.