Understanding Traffic Ticket Points In Pennsylvania

If you have been cited for a traffic violation in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, chances are you're facing a fine and the possibility of having points added to your license.

Although a single violation may not seem like anything to worry about, the truth is that for most, tickets and points add up quickly. If you have too many points assessed to your license, you could find your driving privileges suspended or revoked.

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Points And Some Helpful Information Regarding Traffic Ticket Points

For some additional information regarding Pennsylvania's point system, review the DMV's website: http://www.dmv.org/pa-pennsylvania/point-system.php

Below are some common violations and the equivalent points.


  • 1512 Violation of restriction on driver's license. 2
  • 1571 Violation concerning license. 3
  • 3102 Failure to obey policeman or authorized person. 2
  • 3112(a)(3)(i) or (ii)
  • Failure to stop for a red light. 3
  • 3114(a)(1) Failure to stop for a flashing red light. 3
  • 3302 Failure to yield half of roadway to oncoming vehicle. 3
  • 3303 Improper passing. 3
  • 3304 Other improper passing. 3
  • 3305 Other improper passing. 3
  • 3306(a)(1) Other improper passing. 4
  • 3306(a)(2) Other improper passing. 3
  • 3306(a)(3) Other improper passing. 3
  • 3307 Other improper passing. 3
  • 3310 Following too closely. 3
  • 3321 Failure to yield to driver on the right at intersection. 3
  • 3322 Failure to yield to oncoming driver when making left turn. 3
  • 3323(b) Failure to stop for stop sign. 3
  • 3323(c) Failure to yield at yield sign. 3
  • 3324 Failure to yield when entering or crossing roadway between intersections. 3
  • 3332 Improper turning around. 3
  • 3341(a) Failure to obey signal indicating approach of train. 2
  • 3341(b) Failure to comply with crossing gate or barrier. 4
  • and 30 days' suspension)
  • 3342(b) or (e) Failure to stop at railroad crossings. 4
  • 3344 Failure to stop when entering from alley, driveway or building. 3
  • 3345(a) Failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights. 5
  • (and 60 days' suspension)
  • 3361 Driving too fast for conditions. 2

3362 Exceeding maximum speed.-Over Limit:

  • 6-10 - 2
  • 11-15 - 3
  • 16-25 - 4
  • 26-30 - 5
  • 31-over - 5

and departmental hearing and sanctions provided under section 1538(d))

  • 3365(b) Exceeding special speed limit in school zone. 3
  • (and 60 days' suspension for a second or subsequent offense)
  • 3365(c) Exceeding special speed limit for trucks on downgrades. 3
  • 3542(a) Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk. 2
  • 3547 Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk. 3
  • 3549(a) Failure to yield to blind pedestrian. 3
  • 3702 Improper backing. 3
  • 3714(a) Careless driving. 3
  • 3745 Leaving scene of accident involving property damage only. 4