Firmly Focused On Criminal Defense

At The Law Offices of John Della Rocca, attorney John Della Rocca has been helping people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania fight DUI and other criminal charges since 1998. We understand how to build an effective criminal defense strategy, regardless of how challenging the case may seem.

If You Already Have A Criminal Record, Take Action To Get It Erased

A survey by the U.S. Department of Justice shows that 75 percent of ex-offenders remain unemployed one year after their release from prison. Why? It's simple. More than 80 percent of employers around the country perform criminal background checks on job applicants, and only 12.5 percent say they are willing to consider hiring ex-offenders. This means that having an arrest or conviction on your record will likely prevent you from getting many jobs.

The answer is to clear your record. A pardon or expungement can provide a new start for you, potentially allowing you access to employment opportunities, financial aid, housing and much more.

Attorney John Della Rocca is the most prominent pardons attorney in Pennsylvania. Obtaining a pardon calls for a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of this niche area of law. Our attorney has developed his own formula for handling these complex cases, which has resulted in an extremely high success rate for clients.