Factual Issues for DUI Cases in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Factual Issues Play an Important Role in Dui Cases

DUI charges, like any other criminal matter, hinge on the facts of the case. If your lawyer can establish that the facts don't match up with what really happened, the charges against you could be dismissed.

What Really Happened in Your DUI Case?

After handling DUI and other criminal cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for 20 years, Attorney John Della Rocca knows firsthand that the authorities do miss things when making an arrest.

For example, did the police arrest you on suspicion of DUIĀ even though you were just a passenger in the vehicle? Although it may sound odd, stranger things have happened.

Other factual issues that may come into play in your case include:

  • You suffer from a medical issue that interfered with the blood test.
  • The blood, breath or urine evidence was compromised due to mishandling by the authorities.
  • The tools used to administer the breath test were faulty or broken.
  • The blood, breath or urine evidence was misplaced by the police.
  • The blood, urine or breath test was not administered properly.
  • There was no probable cause for requiring a test (the traffic stop the police used to justify the DUI arrest was illegal).

As your lawyer, John will listen to your side of the story and determine if the police made a mistake. He can explain your rights, help you assert those rights and make sure you are treated fairly.

Experienced, Aggressive and Intelligent Representation

It's in your best interests to hire a lawyer who knows how to fight intelligently fight on your behalf.