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The consequences of a conviction for drug crimes can vary dramatically in severity, depending on the charge and where the crime took place. In Philadelphia, individuals accused of possessing small quantities of marijuana are referred to as the Small Amount of Marijuana (SAM) program. These cases are handled as summary offenses, not misdemeanors, and the penalties are relatively light. However, New Jersey does not have a similar program.

Charges involving possession of larger amounts of marijuana or drugs like cocaine and crack come with the threat of more serious penalties. Similarly, charges of possession with intent to sell or drug trafficking can be life-changing if they result in a conviction. These cases may also involve prescription drugs like OxyContin.

At The Law Offices of John Della Rocca, Attorney John Della Rocca fights all drug charges. With 20 years of criminal defense experience, he is prepared to take on any challenge. No matter what drug crime you have been accused of, you can benefit from his help.

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Talk to a Philadelphia drug crimes attorney, even if you are only facing SAM charges. Even a conviction for this relatively minor charge can be detrimental, particularly for college students. John Della Rocca may be able to eliminate or minimize the consequences.

How did the arrest take place? If it was a traffic stop, were any rights violated along the way? Police officers have rules to follow, and when they fail to do so, it can lead to any evidence they gathered being thrown out. In the most serious drug trafficking cases, there may have been long-term investigations involving wiretapping and more. John Della Rocca understands the obligations of law enforcement and the methods that can be used to chip away at what may appear to be a strong case at first. The goal is to obtain the best possible outcome.

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If you have a SAM case or have been accused of any other drug crime, take action to ensure that it does not impact your life. Let John Della Rocca help you secure the results you need to move forward with your life. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact Attorney John Della Rocca by completing a contact form. John works with clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.